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  • Nicholas J. Martino

Meet Nanitos, a waffle-based social enterprise in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Behold, the Bubble Waffle.

Da duh!!!

Maria and I have been working to turn our current dream into a reality, Nanitos PV: Wafles y Helados. We have put together a fantastic team to run our newest establishment in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. (Maria also owns Pura Vida an excellent spot for facials, massages, laser-hair removal and other great treatments.)

As Maria and I continue to grow professionally we often share our thoughts on leadership and helping our community. Lately, since we are both juggling multiple projects clear communication has been our focus. Designing anything with a team involves communication, clear expectations, validation, and a team mindset. From our initial meetings and interviews we were keen to listen and allow staff buy-in during the design process of the storefront and the social component of Nanitos Education. The team is all energized by the mission of Nanitos and they are excited to share that through great food and great service.

While building and preparing we were clear with everyone about our expectations and ensured the team that if we all work hard, and communicate often, we will succeed together. Located right on Puerta Vallarta's famous malecón, Nanitos offers morning runners and evening strollers delicious and nutritious treat options.

The specialty of the house, the Bubble Waffle, filled with two scoops of delicious gelato (sugar free and lactose free options available) and toppings. [pictured above]

But don't think that we only offer ice cream and waffles, we also provide our community delicious paninis, salads, and juices. Featured below is our popular 'Hipster' waffle bowl with zero carb and zero lactose yogurt, bananas, strawberrys, blueberries, granola, and a pecan drizzle.

More than offering high-quality cuisine, we see Nanitos as being on the cutting edge of showcasing socially conscious business practices in Puerto Vallarta.

Through Nanitos Education, a monthly winner will receive a scholarship for English courses.

Nanitos unique marketing plan incentivizes student academic success, healthy dessert alternatives, and strong family values through events and contests on the malecón. These events will include early morning walks to the Mirador and weekly children's book readings on the malecón for families.

We can’t wait for you to come down and enjoy our delicious food, in the meantime follow us on both:

Facebook : Nanitos PV

Instagram @nanitospv

If you would like to be involved with Nanitos Education, email me at

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