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  • Nicholas J. Martino

City as Lab: Course Entry Experience

Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

Key Questions:

  • Teaching the same content, but searching for more student voice and choice?

  • What if you opened your city up to your students?

  • How could they connect your standards with experiences in the real-world?

City As Lab: Course Entry Experience

Start with just a simple 1 day field experience or 1-week course entry experience.

You will be amazed to see the power of one experience at the start of the school year. Especially, when you frame the experience as an opportunity to connect your content to their daily lives. Students are 100% more likely to expand their learning outside of the classroom if you expose them to those connections early.

Video Transcript:

As you start your school year, ​​add this City as Lab field experience to your plans.

Explore your ​​communities for unique connections... to expand learning outside the classroom.

Using museums, government buildings, and businesses... students will link experiences to course content.

Understanding how their cities function can foster career interests and deep learning connections.

Collaboration with diverse community members will leave a lasting local impact.

Transform an outdated curriculum into contemporary real-world problem solving.

Implement in 1 Day or 1 Week

Start planning today with the attached free resource.

Click Image Below for Free .PDF

We hope this resource helps your students find deep and meaningful connections with your content.

The schools that we consult with and design implement a variety of experiential learning events that the learners identify and pursue. Reach out to us if there is any way that we can assist your classroom or your school.

Our goal is that schools around the world will implement this program and see how their students can connect learning and doing to become change-makers in their community.

Post Created in Conjunction with Cathy Rubin or CM Rubin World and Top Global Teachers Platform

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