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  • Nicholas J. Martino

5 Maxims for the Future of Curriculum Design

Curriculum Architect and Educational Consultant, Nicholas Martino, explains his five maxims needed for the future of curriculum design.

Key Questions:

How can we make learning meaningful and experiential?

What are the keys to future-focused curriculum?

How do we create environmental stewards?

The Five Maxims for the Future of Curriculum Design

1. Personalized Learning

We live in the era of customization, but we are beholden to industrial age practices.

2. Future-Focused Learning

Our students are stimulated outside of school, and bored inside of school.

3. Real-World Learning

To keep pace with the technological advances of our societies, we need to take learning to the streets.

4. Equity of Access

This type of education benefits all learners, not just those with vast social networks.

5. Sustainable Design

How do we enstill in our youth the role of environmental steward and caretaker of our Earth.

All of us are responsible.

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