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  • Nicholas J. Martino

10 Tips: Win your kids in the first week of school!

Dan Coyle explains that safety, vulnerability, and purpose provide the Goldilocks conditions for a strong cultural dynamic in any organization. As a world-traveling social and cultural anthropology teacher and successful coach, I found myself nodding in agreement with many of Coyle's ideas.

As you prepare to inspire the future, try these things with your students to create a strong classroom culture. 1. Greet them at the door. 2. Sit with them in circles. 3. Share yourself open and honestly. 4. Talk directly with each student. 5. Make them feel safe. 6. Give them a purpose. 7. Provide something to look forward to. 8. Demonstrate leadership. 9. Prove to them that you listen. 10. Be a super.... model. Many of my first days of teaching began with a group recital of the following mantras. I believe in myself. I can do anything. Life is good. This, usually jovial activity, put us all on the same level, and from that point we grew together. Good luck to all you world-changing teachers this year!

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