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  • Nicholas J. Martino

The education revolution will be online and asynchronous.

My career in education has taken turns that I could never have expected. Each step has brought new challenges and deeper learning opportunities! I am currently working at the tip of the spear of innovative education.

Teaching at THINK Global School added a cultural and experiential depth to my ability to facilitate rich learning experiences around the world.

American College of Education's online MA program in Digital Teaching and Learning (Curriculum Design) strengthened my understanding of digital pedagogies. Moreover, my year traveling to design THINK Global’s Changemaker Curriculum opened the doors to designing the future of education. The Changemaker Curriculum is an individualized, authentic, and holistic curriculum that builds students through firsthand experiences in 12 countries.

Most recently, I have accepted a position to teach Advocacy at Global Online Academy this winter. This course will be 100% online, and I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

The combination of these forces has allowed me to overcome the groupthink mentality of the current education system and into the future of what is possible through alternative educational models. Make no mistake about it; the education revolution will be online and asynchronous. So we must prepare for the cultural shift to support the needs of learners in the 21st century.

Many thanks to all of the students, parents, administrators, staff members, colleagues and friends who have been a part of this journey!

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